Philadelphia Realises Arts and Culture Vision

2012 may signal the end of the Mayan calendar but it is all about the future in the city of brotherly love as Philadelphia unveils a host of exciting attractions and exhibitions including the long-awaited opening of the Barnes Foundation. ... Full story

Edinburgh - a City with Royal connections

Edinburgh is a delightful city to visit at any time of year; it is small and intimate enough to allow visitors to roam through its streets absorbing its architecture and ambience. Though if time is short, or the terrain too challenging, a great way of getting an overview of the City is to take a bus tour - several companies offer these - and it is possible to buy a day ticket which allows you to hop on and off at will. Visitor numbers reach their peak in August during the Edinburgh Festival and only the unwary arrive in the city at this time of year without having booked accommodation well in advance. ... Full story

Package Holidays

Booking a packaged holiday is the simplest and perhaps most convenient way of making vacation arrangements and it is not necessarily more expensive than booking individual travel components. The big plus however is that a package holiday offers ‘peace-of-mind’ whereas booking several components through numerous operators can prove risky if something goes wrong with one of the services. ... Full story

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