Bear Watching Experience in Finland

Travelling in Finland in June is an almost unworldly experience as darkness never descends and one is reminded of the film ‘Insomnia’. Whilst a little unsettling at first it offers wonderful opportunities to view wildlife in near perfect conditions and it was on a calm clear evening in June, 2009 that I joined a group of excited and slightly nervous travellers in an eight-person-hide deep in the forest of northern Finland close the Russian border. Whilst a little cramped, the facilities inside the hide were good and eight comfortable viewing chairs were set up to allow viewing of a small clearing through glass screens. Photography was enabled through a cloth trunk which concertinaed out towards a wide field of view. Everything was done to avoid any distracting aromas escaping from the hide which would potentially scare off local wildlife activity. Our guide hushed and shushed us as we made our clumsy entrance to the hide. ... Full story

An Indian Affair! - The Pushkar Camel Fair

Every November, a quiet country town in the desert region of northern India is transformed into a kaleidoscopic festival as traders and travellers arrive for the annual cattle and camel fair. They are joined by pious Hindu pilgrims who flock to Pushkar to worship at Lord Brahama’s Temple. The fair is held during the holy Kartik Purnima festival which is a celebration of the full-moon of the Hindi lunar month of Kartik. ... Full story

A New Dawn - Indian Grand Prix

India prepares to welcome Formula One “The global sporting extravaganza” The Indian Grand Prix is scheduled to be the 18th race of the FIA Formula One World Championship racing calendar in 2011, and will take place at the Jaypee Group Circuit on October 30th, 2011 in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh (subject to approval of the circuit). ... Full story